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Rocking Bench

Rocking Bench


Selecting the proper Loom Bench is one of the most important decisions a weaver must make. The ability to weave over long periods of time without excessive interruptions for fatigue depends heavily on the weavers comfort.

Up until now, finding a Bench with just the right height and seating area has been difficult, but even when that is accomplished, the most common complaint by weavers is the leg numbness experienced from the seat edge cutting into the back of the legs (especially from shorter weavers).

Leclerc's new Rocking Bench has solved the dilemma.

Adjustable in 1" increments from 21" to 26 3/4" this Bench will satisfy virtually all height requirements.  In addition, the seat can be lock in two different positions at any height providing an aligned surface to the back of the Leg when the Treadles are being depressed. This alignment eliminates the seat edge cutting into the back of the leg shutting off blood circulation.

As an additional feature, if the weaver prefers, the seat can be allowed to move or float with the body thru the full 90 to 78 degree arc so the seat is always aligned flush with the angle of the leg.

With a full 12" by 24" seat area, this Bench will provide maximum comfort over extended weaving periods.

Optional Bench Bags
As an added feature, Leclerc has designed two weavers auxiliary pouches made of durable Jean material (same as the Voyageur bag) to hold all the misc. tools a weaver needs at their fingertips.  The bags attach to each side of the seat.  Bench Bags are sold in set of 2.

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