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Seasonal Membership


Get Your Creative Buzz Here!

Creative people must get together regularly in person, share ideas and visions, so that they can expand their skills and express themselves. 

Join now!

$50 for 3-months of FUN!

   Spun Bees


+ Personal webpage to display your project photos on the website

+ Get 10% discount on supply purchases.  Includes all in-stock yarn, needles, notions, books, buttons, little looms, weaving tools and Spun merchandise.

+ Unlimited $10 off coupons for 2-hour open studio sessions at Spun! Learn new skills; use spinning and weaving equipment.

+ Eligibility to consign finished goods and/or tools and equipment in the store.



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Any Questions? Please send us a message, let us know what you are looking at, and we'll be in touch. Talk to you soon!