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Winter Membership

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Get Your Creative Buzz Here!

Creative people must get together regularly, share ideas and visions, so that they can expand their skills and express themselves. 

Join now!

$50 for 3-months of FUN!

 Spun Bees  Spun Bees  Spun Bees

WINTER - December, January, February


+ Unlimited $10 off coupons for you and your friends for 2-hour open studio sessions at Spun! Learn new skills; use spinning and weaving equipment.

+ Get $5 back in BUZZ.COIN product credit for every personal or friend order of $50+ Includes all in-stock merchandise, class fees, and gift cards *product credit is paid via gift card to member on the 5th of each month following purchase.

+ Access to the All Crafts Lending Library.  Choose from over 200 titles! Limit 2 books/2 weeks.  Must provide credit card on file.

+ Eligibility to consign equipment, supplies, and handmade products.  Additional $10/month fee *minimum 3-months required.

+ Personal webpage with project photos and contact info on the website

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